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PipesThe maize mill project generates income that the Project Committee uses to help vulnerable people in the village and for other projects. For example, the irrigation scheme is being expanded using pipes bought, in part, by income from the mill. The café and craft centre is the next major income generating project.

You can donate towards this work and to an emergency fund. Make your pledge below and you will receive instructions on how you can pay.

Flooding in Malawi

Mbewa village is at the foot of Mulanje Mountain and is one of the areas effected by heavy rains in January 2015 (see BBC report).

The Project Committee has reported there have been several deaths and that 43 families have lost their homes.

Mbewa Self-Help Project (UK) has transferred £500 to the Project Committee as of 18 January 2015 to buy maize, plastic sheeting and blankets to help those affected and is making another transfer of on Monday 26 January.


With many people losing houses and crops, the Project Committee has identified those in most need to provide maize and blankets.


I wish to donate £ towards the emergency fund and projects in Mbewa willage:

The irrigation project allows participating families to grow two crops of maise during the dry season. This will be more important as crops have been lost during the flooding.


Pictures of damaged buildings and crops.

The Project Committee proposed ordering a field ambulance, shown right, which arrived just before the floods. This is used to take people to the District Hospital 10 miles away. Income from the maize mill has sometimes been used to hire vehicles in cases of extreme emergency.




The Mbewa Self-Help Project (UK) raises funds for projects in Mbewa Village, Malawi.