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Food Security Project

The Project Committee reported in January 2010 that the long rains had not arrived, meaning the maize that had been planted was dying.

It is unusual for the rains to fail in Mulanje District as the mountain seems to attract it, but much of the south of Malawi and neighbouring countries have been affected. IPS News has carried a report on the drought (click here).


Dry maize

Much of the maize crop has been lost. Mike Brady sent a donation of £200 to set up a food security fund, which was used to buy 13 x 50 kg bags of maize flour for the most vulnerable (30 old people and 35 orphans). The building constructed by the villagers to house the maize mill was used for the distribution.

The rains arrived late February and villagers were advised to plant potatoes and cassava by Jones, the agricultural advisor employed by the project, which produced a crop in the limited time left.

The dry spell has presented an opportunity as it has meant the project committee has been able to proceed with raising and improving the dam used to feed the irrigation scheme and create a reservoir of water.

Since then, Jones has worked with the Mulanje Agricultural Department and Irrigation Department to expand the irrigatoins scheme greatly under a government project with funds from the European Union and the World Bank. See the page specific to that activity.


Maize distribution






The Mbewa Self-Help Project (UK) raises funds for projects in Mbewa Village, Malawi.