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Mbewa Self-Help Project (UK)

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Sponsor Mike Brady running the Southport Half Marathon 2 July 2017

I am running to raise funds for projects in Mbewa village at the foot of Mulanje Mountain.

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Mbewa Self-Help Project pledge

I pledge a total of £ to sponsors Mike Brady running the Southport Half Marathon on 2 July 2017

I am a UK taxpayer and offer this as Gift Aid

In 2017, we will provide seed money for fertilizer loans for families in the irrigation project, which gives farmers two extra crops in the dry season (see the film clip below).

Other income-generating projects under development are a chicken scheme and cafe. The village is in a tourist area due to Mulanje Mountain. The internationally renowned Mulanje Mountain Porters Race was initiated by Mike Brady in 1996, when he worked nearby through Voluntary Service Overseas. The 21st edition of the race will be held on 9 July 2017 and provides an opportunity for villages to raise money by selling coffee and cakes to visitors (see the coffee and cake section).

Porters race

The irrigation project was initiated by Jones, the Agricultural Advisor supported by the project, as shown in the film below.

The irrigation scheme has now greatly expanded with government support.

For the first project in 2017, the Agricultural Project Committee prioritised adding a cover to a settlement tank so that water is protected as a supply for drinking when not used for irrigation. We paid for the cement and reinforcing bars. Villagers provided river sand, stones and labour.

Irrigation cover

irrigation cover

Irrigation cover



The Mbewa Self-Help Project (UK) raises funds for projects in Mbewa Village, Malawi.