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Mbewa Self-Help Project (UK)

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Terms and conditions for loans and donations

1. Any money you donate through this site by cheque will be transferred to the Mbewa Self-Help Project in Malawi in its entirety for allocation to your selected project at the prevailing exchange rate for the Malawi Kwacha. If you wish to pay by credit or debit card, this can be arranged using PayPal, but the amount of your donation will be the amount received after PayPal charges have been deducted.

2. The Mbewa Self-Help Project in Malawi is coordinated by a Project Committee elected by residents of Mbewa village (total population approximately 3,000 people).

3. The Mbewa Self-Help Project in Malawi is registered as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) with the District Social Welfare Office in Mulanje under the name 'Madalitso CBO' ('Madalitso' means 'Blessings').

4. The Mbewa Self-Help Project (UK) is constituted as a Very Small Charity in line with Charity Commission guidance as it has annual income of below £ 5,000. The Mbewa Self-Help Project (UK) is registering with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs to be able to reclaim tax on donations given as Gift Aid by UK taxpayers.

5. You will receive updates during the course of a project and may request full accounts for the particular project that you are supporting. You can opt out of receiving updates at any time.

6. In the event of queries, please contact Mike Brady, Coordinator of the Mbewa Self-Help Project (UK) either via email or facebook.


The Mbewa Self-Help Project (UK) raises funds for projects in Mbewa Village, Malawi.